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Alois Gruber senior founded a locksmiths in Bad Hall and an anodizing company in Grünburg in 1948. The locksmith company was closed in the 1950s, the focus being placed on the anodizing business, which was extended by a powder coating and wet paint shop. These competencies are now merged today in Grünburg, Upper Austria as part of AGRU Oberflächentechnik GmbH.

Alois Gruber senior laid the cornerstone for their current market success in 1961 with the decision to commence plastic pipe production. This area has continually been built up over the years. Initially with the production of polypropylene and polyethylene, later also by the manufacture of sheets, round bars and welding rods. The first injection molds for the production of fittings for the pipe industry were commissioned in 1966.

In the following years, AGRU expanded the headquarters in Austria and opened new production sites abroad. In 1998, Mag. Alois Gruber took over the business of his father. Since then we at AGRU have been concentrating on expanding and optimizing plastic production.

At AGRU, customer satisfaction comes first. Technical consultations, training course, welding instruction and expert on-site training are all part and parcel of this. The AGRU quality assurance system is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and its environmental management system fulfils ISO 14001:2004. This in turn ensures that the products comply with international norms, as monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis by independent testing agencies.

The start-to-finish attention to quality ensures that the products meet and beat the strictest technical specifications, providing safe operation within gas, water and wastewater infrastructures.